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Crafted From Faith

Wilderness Collection Cutter Bundle

Wilderness Collection Cutter Bundle

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Size of all the cutters in this set:
Campfire: 1.5in
Stamp: 1in
Camper Mirrored: .6in
Compass: 30mm
Turtle (Faces left): 1in
Turtle: 35mm
Hiking Boot: 1.25in
Tent: 1in

These cutters have a sharp edge with 1mm support wall with a cutting edge of 0.4mm.
3mm thick base and a height of 12mm.

Using Clay Cutters:
Cut clay on a smooth tile, such as ceramic or glass.
If clay sticks to the cutter, try a release agent or use plastic wrap.
Clean cutters using a microfiber cloth or hand wash using warm water. Dry immediately.
Store in a safe place.

Expect some sanding to your final clay piece once it is baked.

Cutter material may vary in color, depending on what's on hand.

All clay cutters are made from PLA filament.

PLA filament is a biological material, extracted and purified from corn grain, odorless, and harmless to the environment and humans.

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