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Crafted From Faith

Dog Santa Hat Clay Cutter

Dog Santa Hat Clay Cutter

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the single or mirrored version option will determine if your order is for 2 cutters (1 hat and puppy face) or 3 cutters (2 hats mirrored and puppy face)


These cutters have a sharp edge with 1mm support wall with a cutting edge of 0.4mm.
3mm thick base and a height of 12mm.

Using Clay Cutters:
Cut clay on a smooth tile, such as ceramic or glass.
If clay sticks to the cutter, try a release agent or use plastic wrap.
Clean cutters using a microfiber cloth or hand wash using warm water. Dry immediately.
Store in a safe place.

Expect some sanding to your final clay piece once it is baked. We do still recommend using a release agent such as cornstarch (my preferred method).

Cutter material may vary in color, depending on what's on hand.

All clay cutters are made from Resin.

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