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Crafted From Faith

Mix 'n Match Studs (1 Pair) | Wilderness Collection Studs

Mix 'n Match Studs (1 Pair) | Wilderness Collection Studs

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***Please email me at on which earrings you would like to create your pair of earrings***

Note*** This is listing is for mixing and matching to create your own pair of studs.

Ex: If you email me boots and tent, you will receive one earring of the boot and one of the tent to create a custom stud pair.

Studs you can choose from:
Sage Camper - Round (this one has two wheels)
Mauve Camper - Round (this one has two wheels)
Sage Camper - Rectangle
Mauve Camper - Rectangle

Care instructions:
Store in a clean and dry area. Do not wear in the pool or sea. Please avoid contact with water. Avoid contact with water, oils, creams, and/or perfumes in order to maximize the longevity of the jewelry. You can clean the earrings with a soft, wet towel. If jewelry has makeup stains, use nail polish remover to clean the stain.

Although polymer clay is very strong, it is still susceptible to scratching or breaking when mistreated, so please avoid bending the earrings.
Store your pieces in the box provided and separately from other jewelry that may scratch or scratch the surface.

PLA filament is a biological material, extracted and purified from corn grain, odorless, and harmless to the environment and humans.

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