The artisan behind the scenes at Elaine Creations Co. 

I'm Gretchen Elaine, the creator and founder of both Elaine Creations Co. and Gretchen Elaine Photography based out of Lancaster County, PA. 

Creating and crafting has been a major part of my life growing up. From scrapbooking and crocheting, to sculpting and staining! I love everything crafty and enjoy trying new skills and creating awesome pieces not only for myself but for friends and family.

Deciding to create Elaine Creations Co. has been an on going dream and I am so excited to have this small business take off. My crafting and photography businesses are partnered together and go hand in hand. I am lucky enough to create my own photography props as well as photograph my creations to sell.

One of the main reasons I came up with creating Elaine Creations Co. is because there really isn't anywhere to buy props for photography sessions. Over the last several years I have been getting creative and making my own props for newborn sessions, seniors, families, models, and more! Finding specific props can be difficult especially if there is a deadline. I wanted to help other photographers out there find handmade props to add to their studio. I also love that I am able to customize these products to make them even more special!

If you are a photographer looking for unique handmade props to add to your studio, Elaine Creations Co. will be you new favorite shop!

For those of you wanting to spice up your home, or give the perfect customized gift for the holidays, I would be happy to turn your dreams into creations!

Send me a message anytime at gretchen@gretchenelainephotos.com