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Posted by Gretchen Hartman on

For the last year or two, the 70s macramé décor trend has been more alive than ever before! This beautiful art and décor trend isn't reserved just for all the flower children. Many people with minimalistic and modern tastes have been slowly adding these pieces within their home.

I have always been fascinated by these pieces because of how intricate each knot is. I never thought that what started out as making friendship bracelets for me and my friends would slowly over the years turn into creating gorgeous pieces for wall art and even useful pieces like plant hangers.

What gets me every time is the natural fibers and textures. Most of my pieces are made with 100% natural cotton cord, I am however slowly experimenting with other natural fibers such as jute, hemp, raffia, and more. There something special about all things natural that I am just in love with. I personally like to use eco-friendly products, maybe that is where my love extends from. Who else loves all things natural??


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