Macramé Accessory Hangers Now In Stock

Posted by Gretchen Hartman on

Having custom requests become a staple product in stock is the best feeling in the world!

I had a special request for a cute macramé décor wall piece that also functions as an easy organizing tool for jewelry and head pieces. I loved this idea after being introduced to it. I got started on the project right away. 

No matter the age, it is useful and stylish for a bedroom or bathroom.

After creating this piece, I have been working on coming up with new ideas of creating functional décor. I know I have run out of room on my walls for all the decorations I have come up with. I need to find a way to make them functional in every day life. This thought will be continued at a later time...

For now, spam me with you ideas of creations you would love to have or have seen! I want to hear from all of you what you want to see next! 

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