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I had the absolute pleasure creating a memory pillow for a dear friend. This pillow was meant to be a mother's day gift for our friend's mother, but I think excitement got the best of her and she gave it to her early!

I don't blame her though, I was so excited myself! It has been hard to not share this creation with you all until now.

This creation was one of my first big sewing projects. Of course I couldn't do it alone. I brought in my reinforcements aka my mom!

My mom has had much more experience with sewing projects so I knew it would turn out well. I have found with sewing that it can be hard to picture the outcome of how to sew each piece together. There were some mistakes along the way, but I am lucky sewing is very forgiving.

My mom mistakenly asked me which side we should sew the ruffled edge to (the front or back), naturally I said back so that the seam wouldn't be seen from the front. So we did just that. I was finishing up sewing the last side together, flipped in right side out and looked at it...

I realized that the ruffled edge was facing the wrong direction...

We then had to rip it apart and sew the ruffle to front of the creation. This is why you don't ask someone who know virtually nothing about creating patterns where to sew 

All jokes aside, after sewing the correct edges together, it turned out wonderful. Each sewing creation I make gives me a better understanding of this craft and I am so thankful for this opportunity!

I am very excited to say that I will gladly take on any custom order memory pillows. This is such a sweet way to keep the memory of your loved ones with you always. I know I have plans of making one for myself out of my grandpa's shirt. Message me anytime to request one for yourself or loved ones.

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