Coming Soon Summer 2021

Posted by Gretchen Hartman on

Hey friends! As you may have seen, life owning this creation business has taken a crazy turn.

Devin and I decided to start a "new" business called Crafted From Faith replacing Elaine Creations Co. We are really utilizing each others strengths to give you all an amazing shop to buy not only handmade creations from local artisans in the area, but also art supplies!

In addition to selling online, we have also recently got our hands on the keys to a brick and mortar shop. Right now, we are renovating the heck out of the place and giving it some much deserved love. New paint, new walls, the works!

It has been an absolute blast starting this new endeavor as a team and navigating the "home improvement" aspect of running a brick and mortar shop. Make sure you follow along on all of our social media as we continue to update the shop and get it ready for all the crafts and all of you!

As of right now, we are planning to have the shop open to the public this summer and we will announce a date as we get closer to finishing up all the updates. Stay tuned for all the exciting things happening here at Crafted From Faith!

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